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High Intensity Sports Performance is a state of the art high tech training facility, which provides semi private, one-on-one, group and team training for athletes who are looking to increase their sport specific athletic ability.

Welcoming athletes of all ages and skill levels, our programs are tailored to prepare athletes for combines, showcases, tournaments, and we are committed to preparing athletes for the season long grind of their specific sport. Our programs focus on improving  your overall explosive power, strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and agility.  We use the latest proven scientific and applied principles in the field of strength and conditioning preparing our athletes to compete at the top of their sport. With the best high-tech training equipment around, athletes who train here, have opportunities that are not offered by most facilities.

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Mya Berretta – Taft Prep School Hockey

“June to September, I train 5 days a week and focus on exercises that are specific to improving my overall speed, strength, and endurance for ice hockey. I am fortunate to have HISP plan these workouts and personally assist and motivate me to reach my full potential. Aside from training, Dave helps me with a nutrition plan and ways to ensure my body is getting fueled with the right nutrients. The combination of high intensity training and a proper food plan has dramatically accelerated my performance on the ice and allows for me to live a healthy life.”

Cam Stone, Stony Brook University DIV 1 Baseball

“Since starting the training with HISP, my speed, strength, and flexibility have increased tremendously.  I would highly recommend Dave and his program to anyone who is looking to improve their game and become a better athlete”.

Ryan Dais

“David has taken me to the next level of my game while having fun. I recommend Dave’s High Intensity Speed School program.”

Christian La Croix, Plymouth State University Hockey

“High Intensity Sports Performance is the place to go if you want to be molded into an athlete and a next level competitor. Dave Tortora has the know how and years of experience to help you achieve your goals. He has turned me into a faster, stronger, and more mentally-tough player over the years. It’s hard to say where I would be without training at HISP. The next level technology in his gym will set you apart from the pack. So stop being a sheep and get over to HISP! You won’t get a workout like it anywhere else, guaranteed!”

Mike Keinz, Baseball

“Dave has put me through hard, tiring but fun workouts.  He improved my physical and mental strength. He has helped my performances in  games and practices greatly.  He has pushed me to my goal, which is to feel invincible”.

Anthony, Woodbridge CT

“I give immense credit to Dave’s patience and perseverance which built me into a strong, agile, and confident athlete both physically and mentally. Our partnership, combined with hard work, dedication, challenges and a few jokes, is the inspiration I use to continually push myself to the next level and beyond. This work ethic awards me with the confidence to always feel INVINCIBLE!

Michael Shanley, Football | Track & Field

“My name is Michael Shanley and I am a freshman at Notre Dame High School in West Haven.  I play football at ND in the Fall and do track and field in the Spring.  I have been training with Dave Tortora for about six months, and his program has already helped me tremendously in many ways.  First, I am increasing my strength and endurance at a much faster rate than I would be able to do otherwise.  Second, the speed and agility portion of the training sessions has allowed me to develop my quickness and explosiveness much better than I could do by myself with regular workouts.  Making the extra effort to train with Dave is providing me a with a better opportunity to advance in my athletic career.  Dave has a very positive attitude and is always encouraging me to push myself, which is what makes all the difference.  For anyone who is serious about their athletics and wants to keep rising to the next level, I would recommend training with Dave Tortora”.

Chad, Shelton CT

“Dave worked with me to have me in the best physical shape that I can be in.  I have improved my strength, agility and mental toughness.  Dave is concerned about me as a person, he took the time to know me and know what was important to help me succeed with this program. I will continue to be a part of H.I. Speed School.”