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Our goal is to provide athletes with the fundamental skills and awareness they need to maximize their effectiveness on the field while reducing the risk of injury through proper training.

High Intensity Sports Performance is a state of the art, high-tech facility, which provides one-on-one training for athletes who are looking to increase their sport specific athletic ability. Welcoming athletes of all ages and skill levels, our programs are tailored to prepare athletes for combines, showcases, tournaments, and games. Our programs focus on improving explosive power, strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and agility. With the best high-tech training equipment around, athletes who train here, have opportunities that are not offered by most facilities. This equipment is used to maximize our athlete’s power, speed and agility in ways that standard gym equipment alone can’t.

“The athlete who spends time honing their skills in the off season reaps the benefits in season.”

About Dave:

Dave has over 40 years of experience in the field of speed and strength training. He is a former bench press champion and competitive body builder. Dave trained with former NFL Players and Coaches. Dave has trained over 3,000 athletes; his clientele include High School, College and Professional players. Athletes, who train with Dave are confident, disciplined, and committed individuals.

About Anthony:

Anthony “Merv” Faggiana graduated from Springfield College, in 2015, with a bachelor degree in Movement in Sports Science, and a minor in Athletic Coaching. Anthony played 4 years of baseball at Springfield College. Anthony is certified by NASM, as a Personal Trainer.